Ann Marie Boullie

Director, Business Development

Ann Marie brings over 15 years of industry experience through her tenure at Emergo. As VP of Business Development, Ann Marie was heavily involved to launch 10+ international services, including Brazil and Saudi Arabia. She often presented on global regulatory affairs, including at the RAPs annual conference. Upon acquisition by UL, Ann Marie transitioned to Operations, overseeing services in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Prior to leaving UL, Ann Marie was on the core team responsible for launching the UK Responsible Person and Swiss Authorized Representative services, as well as EU MDR transition activities.

Roslyn Gillespie

Director, Operations

Roslyn started in the medical device industry on the commercial side, helping manufacturers with European distributor search and selection services. She eventually moved into regulatory project management. While working for Emergo/UL, Roslyn oversaw a global project management team of 30+ employees spread across five countries and was responsible for the success of hundreds of medical device & IVD consulting projects. Roslyn also oversaw services in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, including building and maintaining the quality management systems for those offices.

Sydney O'Connell

Director, Global Representation

Sydney has 8+ years of experience in medical device regulatory affairs. She has extensive experience in international regulatory research, monitoring and writing, for markets such as China, Mexico, Vietnam and Russia. Sydney also has a strong regulatory project management background, having worked with a top 10 Fortune 500 company during the global launch of their first medical device. Sydney managed a project management team in the US, Europe and Japan for Emergo/UL. As well, she oversaw regulatory representation services, including for the EU, UK, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.